13th Annual Strategic HR MENA Summit

18 – 19 October 2022 | Sofitel Dubai Downtown

HR practises in the Middle East area are complicated, and the present rate of globalisation has contributed by its own flavour to the mix. The industry has expanded, and the innovation in the field is accelerating. The post-pandemic environment, however, is causing further problems in the sector. How can we get out of the “pandemic box” and bring people back to work? Do you want to be an agile organization from an HR perspective, or keep serving the organization in different situations?
The 13th Annual Strategic HR MENA Summit has been intended to answer all of your questions. In this highly interactive event, industry professionals from the banking, retail, aviation, hotel, pharmaceutical, insurance, telecom, and automotive sectors will share with you invaluable advices and lessons gained. Remote work, employee well-being programmes, digitising learning, HR trends for 2023, commanding a seat at the table, data-driven approach, developing a genuine and collaborative work culture, employee engagement, and many other topics are under the spotlight.
This HR meeting is an excellent opportunity to discuss your ideas with colleagues, be inspired by the top players, and make important business contacts. There is a limited number of seats in the audience, so don’t pass the chance to book yourself one & network with senior-level decision-makers!

Hottest topics that will be discussed this annual

  • Value of telework: How to broaden remote work arrangements during the emergency?
  • Keep your team resilient: Putting mental health first
  • The state of HR in the Middle East: Challenges and potential research directions
  • A new operating model: Cost reductions to fit financial realities and HR technology adoption
  • Flexible HR technology in today’s workplace, or how to keep your employees efficient and empowered
  • Adopting a data-driven approach. What can data-mining HR professional learn?
  • Business Acumen: Understanding how HR activities impact the bottom line and the organization’s strategic goals



Chief People Officer


VUCA, and the Role of HR

VUCA stands for volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity. In the past 3-5 years, VUCA has massively increased within our environment, and certainly, the companies we lead. HR plays a massive role in addressing VUCA and supporting management and organizations to lead with the highest level of agility. In my presentation, I will share some in depth explanation of what VUCA really is, and how we can address it as HR leaders.


Chief Human Capital Officer


Coaching for Optimal Performance & Organizational Growth

With so many demands put on employees in the modern workplace culture of technological advancement, for People Managers it is important to stay educated regarding fostering optimal performance.
Recognizing how to work with employees that may struggle in a certain area, coaching them to succeed and improving their performance can be very beneficial for companies in the long run. It enhances the sense of community.

• What is coaching?
• Type of coaching in the organization
• Coaching as a performance booster
• Can coaching be used to build a resilient workforce?
• Tips to nurturing a coaching-culture




HR Trends Will Keep Us on Our Toes in 2023

Responsibility and sustainable development: to achieve sustainability in the organizational industry different departments need to align on their work processes taking into consideration environmental, social and governance factors.
Sophisticated recruitment strategies through social media: social media can be used to attract top talent by sharing content that showcases the company's employer branding initiatives and promoting job openings.
Evolution of digitalization, automation, and robotics as game-changers of the human resource management: The objective of HR transformation is to maximize employee performance and improve their career development through digitalization for instance we have recently created a platform for employees to enhance their learning journey by providing an accesible and interactive access to training courses, virtual training calendar, news & achievements.

• Responsibility and sustainable development
• Sophisticated recruitment strategies through social media
• Evolution of digitalization, automation, and robotics as game-changers of the human resource management


Multi-Property Human Resources Director


Build Your Compensation & Benefits Package

No doubt that over the last 5 years the compensation & benefits in the UAE market has changed and we can say it totally changed post-pandemic! Many questions need to be asked when talking about packages; the job requirements, the domain market offerings, the skills and technicalities of the perfect calibre, and recently the generation mix of your applicants and their demands. When there are multiple changes in the equation, you mostly need to formulate a new equation to reach the solution. Let’s brainstorm the following points and reach the new equation together.
• What was the common comp & ben practice 5 years pre-pandemic?
• What has changed after the pandemic in terms of job conditions?
• Who is our future workforce? What’s in it for them to work for you?
• How do you benchmark the overall packages?


Unit-Head LTD


Digitizing Learning: A Complete or Partial Act?

This presentation explores all the major new means that are being added to learning and development while maintaining the value of the human presence and the live transfer of human energy during the process. Behavioural transformation is the result of any learning transaction and a blend of approaches whether inside actual or virtual rooms and on the job is a must to maximize the experience.

• Digital elements adding value to learning
• Latest trends in Learning and talent development
• Human touch in the learning experience
• Moving out of classrooms for maximized learning impact
• Final notes for a balanced direction

Great speakers and shared experiences.

– Group Director of Reward, Americana Group (Kuwait Food Company)

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